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The ‘technology of me’ was identified as one of the key trends to watch in 2015. The analysis offered by Shawn Dubravac, chief economist at the Consumer Electronics Association, when he opened this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas back in January is looking spot on as we head towards the summer. Personalised and personalising devices are at the heart of the digital boom that is sweeping across the nation, buoyed as it is by a positive economic outlook and the expectation of long-term prosperity and security.

It starts with smartphones

Image source:  clasesdeperiodismo

Image source:  clasesdeperiodismo

Already, as many as five million new smartphones are expected to find a new home in Canada this year, with the bulk of them upgrades from existing models. The interesting thing about this – and it is a pattern repeating worldwide – is that the new phones aren’t radically different from those that they are replacing. It’s not just technology for its own sake that is getting everyone excited, it seems that the very idea of the latest kit is itself becoming a sort of 21st century fashion phenomenon.

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